Are you someone who...

  • Has been trying to lose weight for years?

  • Wants to eat plant-based because you know it's the healthiest diet in the world?

  • Have tried becoming vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or even plant-based by yourself... but couldn't sustain it?

  • Want to know how to eat plant-based without starving and suffering? 

  • Are tired of eating superfoods with no results?

  • Feel like you need to get a degree as a nutritionist to make sense of nutrition?

Then book a call with me to see my program is the right fit for you!

What people say...

"Everything we did was completely manageable on its own, but somehow ended up working for weight loss. I learned new ways to cook, meal prep, and meal plan, and even found recipes that my kids and husband love as well. My only regret is that I didn't work with Eugenia sooner! It's crazy that I'm still losing weight a month after finishing her program."

- Jen 

"I'm finally excited to step on the scale each week to see myself getting closer and closer to a healthy weight... a weight I haven't been since freshman year of high school! What's crazy is that this weight loss has been easier than anything I've tried before. Eugenia keeps me accountable and gives me solutions whenever my weight loss stalls or I need a recipe/meal planning hack. Since she has a medical background, I know that her nutrition suggestions are all based on research too. This is important to me because breast cancer and diabetes run in my family and weight loss is not my only goal. Plus I just really enjoy talking to her. Highly, highly recommend!!

- Tammy

 the signature program:

Scale Down With Plants

How long is it?

3 Months (12 weeks)​ and we meet every 2 weeks for a total of 6 one-hour visits

What is included?

+ An Initial Health & Nutrition History Assessment

+ Bimonthly 1-on-1 phone/video sessions 

+ Access to phone app (and website option) for food and lifestyle tracking and all recommendations received throughout the program

+ Recipe Book With 20+ Plant Based Eugenia Developed Plant Based Weight Loss Recipes

+ A Personalized Nutrition Plan

+ Stress Management Plan, Tools, & Support

+ Accountability

+ Unlimited Email & Text Access

+ Bon Voyage Packet: Plateau Planning, Weight Maintenance Meal Planning

How much does it cost?


Option to pay monthly: $325

Any other questions?

Is this you now?

Because this could be you in 3 months.

Can't seem to fit into several items in your closet.

Gained all the weight you may have lost from your last "diet".

Confused and stressed about what to eat.

Worried about becoming diabetic, getting a heart attack, or getting diagnosed with cancer.

Feel like you need to starve to lose weight.

Are overwhelmed by how much weight you need to lose to be a healthy weight. 

On your way to your goal weight with 10-20 pounds lost.

Know what to do to continue losing 0.5-1lbs a week sustainably.

Discovered meals that keep you full, are delicious, and you are happy to eat forever.

Know the bare minimum of meal prep and grocery shopping to do to always have healthy options.

Understand how to include ANY types of food in your diet and still eat clean and lose weight.

Feel in control about your health and know your diet reduces your risk for chronic diseases and cancer.

Ready to change your life for the better forever?

I want all of this for you. In fact, health coaching brings me so much joy that I usually go to sleep thinking about a client's problem, and wake up excited to come to them with a solution. I know first hand what it's like to be a woman at an unhealthy weight, feeling sick, tired, and completely confused about what to do with my nutrition. It took me YEARS to learn for myself, and a few more years of working with OTHERS to learn how to effectively coach others to do the same. This isn't just a job for me. This is an opportunity to give someone else the freedom I got when I finally "figured out" my diet. The freedom of knowing I will consistently weigh the same at every doctor's visit. The freedom that I wont get diabetes, heart disease, or have gastrointestinal issues like my relatives. The freedom that I've reduced my breast cancer risk... a cancer that has killed at least 4 family members during my lifetime. I want to give that freedom to as many people as possible because that freedom gives you the brain space to finally just live and enjoy your life. I know I was able to once I did. If you're ready to start on this journey towards your healthiest self through a personalized plant-based diet, let's finally meet.


Then book a call with me to see my program is the right fit for you!

Feel like you just need an easy meal plan to help get you started? Then maybe my 7-Day Whole Food & Plant-Based Diet Reset is for you.

This plan includes...

  • THIRTEEN 100% whole food and plant-based recipes including 20+ types of fruits and veggies

  • A daily meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, & one afternoon snack each day

  • Shopping list included

  • Week meal plan & associated recipes included

  • Contains little to no processed foods

  • Is high in fiber

  • Packed with a variety of vegetables and fruits

  • Nutritionally complete and balanced

  • Created to keep you full & satisfied

  • Macronutrients ratios and day caloric amounts created for fat loss

  • Includes my TOP 5 optional side dishes to add to the meal plan to make sure you stay FULL

  • Includes my top five BEST sources of protein to add if meal plan leaves you hungry (how many meal plans give you that kind of flexibility??)

  • Designed to give you results even if you only follow it 80%

  • Easy to double to share!

Get the meal plan now & start next week!