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Get un-stuck by starting where I start with all of my weight loss clients = gathering more information!


Hi, I'm Eugenia Soliterman and I'm a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in plant-based weight loss and practicing in New York City. After working with hundreds of hundreds of clients on weight loss using a plant-based diet over the last 4 years of practice, I've realized that the best place to start is a comprehensive history. This starter kit includes the 7 day food & lifestyle log that I use with each of my clients. I hope this will help you move along in your weight loss journey as well. 

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Plant-Based Weight Loss Starter Kit

  • A 7 day meal, sleep, period, & stress tracker I use with my clients when we start working together

  • A guide on What To Do Next so you can get back to fitting into all of the clothes in your closet... and donate those "other" sizes

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"This tracker opened my eyes up to habits I literally had no idea I was doing. Now I'm working on changing them!"

- Angela

"It was helpful to figure out what to do next in my weight loss because before doing this I was stuck."

- Emma

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