Meal Planning A Low Fat & Plant-Based Diet

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

One of the biggest differences between a vegan diet and a low-fat whole foods, plant-based diet is the fat content in the day. I work with clients to decide what fat content is appropriate based on their activity level and the grams end up being 15-30g of fat per day, and no more than 20% of the daily calories for everyone.

While that may seem do-able at first, tracking your food throughout the day quickly shows how ALL foods contain a little bit of fat (even fruits and vegetables) and getting up to 15-30g of fat can happen pretty quickly, especially if you're including 100% fat items like nuts, seeds, oils, avocadoes, and olives into your daily diet.

This is why I always create a personalized sample meal day for my clients to get an idea of how to eat a whole day and stay within the low fat suggestion. I have one example of a day here for a meal plan I created for a client this morning. Based on this person's weight and physical activity, they should stay around 25g of fat daily. This allows for some overt fat foods but not many. Here's the meal plan:

The morning smoothie is relatively low in fat, allowing lunch and dinner to have some flavor-enhancing fats. Overt fats in this meal plan are:

Lunch: cashews in the soup added for creaminess

Dinner: sliced avocado added as a condiment on the tacos

Here's a breakdown of the whole day:

Notice, the fat content is <20% and abut 25g for the whole day. To get to exactly 25g, the client could just remove the 1 slice of bread with the soup. Whole food and plant-based diets will always be high in carbohydrates but it's with unprocessed carbohydrates so full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that we need to optimally function.

A note on calories: If your meal plan you created for yourself isn't filling you up and you're eating <1400 calories in the day, you can add more calories in the form of fruits or vegetables because they contain the least amount of fats. For example, 1 large potato only has 0.2g of fat but will satiate you and give you another 163 calories of energy. Some of my clients even carry a baked potato with them as a snack! Excellent when you're on the go and aren't sure if it'll be 1 hour of 4 hours until you're able to have a full meal.

If you want more tips on losing weight through a low fat, whole foods and plant based diet, make sure you follow me on IG @nurseeugenia as I post new content daily to help you reach your goals.

I'm also still taking clients for the Group Weight Loss Challenge starting Jan 2nd where we will aim for everyone to lose 5% of their body weight by the end of the first month on a low fat, whole foods, and plant-based diet! Sign up here!

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