My Favorite 5 Plant-Based Restaurants (With Healthy Options) In New York City

I've lived in NYC almost 6.5 years, 4 of those years being plant-based. While I know I haven't been to EVERY plant-based or vegan restaurant in the city, I do tend to almost exclusively support 100% vegan establishments so I have been to quite a few. I selected ones that are:

  • -delicious

  • have weight-loss friendly plant-based meals

  • have options that even non-vegans would DIE for

Here they are starting with my most favorite:

1. Blossom on Columbus

My first love, this place makes my favorite burger in NYC: their version of a vegan bacon cheeseburger. I've probably eaten this entire menu because I seriously love this place. Neil I celebrated my last birthday here, and it's consistently the place we go to for a satisfying and amazing vegan dinner out. Plus the Upper West Side is super nice and calm so outdoor seating in the summer there is the PERFECT place to sip on a dry white wine and catch up with a good friend. Favorite dish:

Famous Blossom Burger (vegan bacon & cheese and 100% my favorite burger in the city)

2. Modern Love

Tucked away on a street you wouldn't typically walk past in Brooklyn, the aesthetic & vibe of this place is unmatched. I've taken my parents visiting from California here because there's just a special "home" vibe to this place. They have seasonal stuff that I get so excited about like latkes and matza ball soup but some of my favorite dishes they have right now are:

This one is new & I'll get next time I'm there! (below)

3. Peacefood Cafe

Super chill lunch or casual dinner spot in the Upper West Side (sorry I'm partial to quite and relaxing dinner atmospheres). This spot has everything from juices to grain bowls to a few pizza options to a sushi option to several amazing sandwich options. They also have the best selection of vegan baked goods that I know in NYC. If you see their carrot cake still in stock, GET IT. I like to make my own bowl here a lot like this one:

But I also love:

Their burger is pretty yum too. Split with a friend and add a side of steamed greens!

4. Délice & Sarrasin

This place has INSANE food. It's French vegan food which honestly I wasn't sure was possible. It's basically a ton of vegan butter and vegan cheese so you have to be careful and have small portions and order lighter dishes with the heavy ones but it's different than any other vegan meals I've seen in New York and I'm obsessed. I mean they have vegan foie gras and vegan escargot. It's got the small Parisian restaurant vibe so definitely get their early to get a seat or be prepared to wait 1-2 hours to sit in their limited seating. Hello #EmilyInParis but #vegan vibes!!

Ok first, you have to order a crepe. They have sweet and savory and they're all amazing.

Next, try this (something you probably never thought you could get vegan):

5. Vegetarian Dim Sum House

Ok so full disclosure I've only been here once but it made such a huge impression on me that I want to go back asap. I think it's probably the only new vegan restaurant I've been to in 2020 with all this craziness. Anyways, this place has AMAZING dim sum and it's literally all vegan. It's insane. I love dim sum but I haven't been able to have it since I've gone vegan because every time I go I'm never quiiiitttteeee sure that I'm not getting pork lol. This place also has the most realistic looking non-fish but looks-like-fish sushi. It's nuts. Share with many because you'll want to order 10+ things off this menu. A few of my favorites when I went are:

Their 20+ veggie dumplings (not just that 1 veggie option on all other menus)

& definitely get sticky rice in lotus leaves

This was by no means an exhaustive list of good vegan restaurants in NYC that have healthier options but if you're only here for a short while or brand new to New York City, I'd start with these. :)

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