Feel like you just need an easy meal plan to help get you started? Then maybe my 7-Day Whole Food & Plant-Based Diet Reset is for you.

This plan includes...

  • THIRTEEN 100% whole food and plant-based recipes including 20+ types of fruits and veggies

  • A daily meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, & one afternoon snack each day

  • Shopping list included

  • Week meal plan & associated recipes included

  • Contains little to no processed foods

  • Is high in fiber

  • Packed with a variety of vegetables and fruits

  • Nutritionally complete and balanced

  • Created to keep you full & satisfied

  • Macronutrients ratios and day caloric amounts created for fat loss

  • Includes my TOP 5 optional side dishes to add to the meal plan to make sure you stay FULL

  • Includes my top five BEST sources of protein to add if meal plan leaves you hungry (how many meal plans give you that kind of flexibility??)

  • Designed to give you results even if you only follow it 80%

  • Easy to double to share!

Get the meal plan now & start next week!